Dear friends, CODUCA88 online casino appreciates each of you, which is why our team has developed a new cashback for you called "Weekly". The new cashback is cumulative. What does this mean? It's very simple: you make deposits and play as before, from Thursday to Tuesday inclusive, and on Wednesday you can get your money back with a new cashback!

How much can you get back? Only for our players in CODUCA88 the most favorable conditions:

Cashback value Average deposit Accumulation period
5%not more than 360 ฿From Thursday to Tuesday
7% more than 360 but less than 820 ฿ From Thursday to Tuesday
10% not less than 820 ฿From Thursday to Tuesday

period of time? Don't worry, CODUCA88 online casino will not leave you without a gift, which is why if you did not have deposits from Thursday to Tuesday inclusive, we will refund you 5% of all deposits for last Wednesday!

Only on online casino CODUCA88 play and get your money back every day!