Bonus policy

Coduca88 is an online casino that has a wide range of different bonuses and promotions. These rules aim to describe the regulation of the Bonus Policy. Some of the bonuses and promotions may be unavailable or have specific characteristics depending on the country, currency or domain in which the online casino games take place.
The following bonuses and promotions are available at the moment:
  1. Bonuses
  2. Cashback
  3. Promo Codes
  4. Accruals from casino administration

1. Bonuses

Description of bonus varieties

There are 2 types of bonuses:
  1. Non-deposit
  2. Deposit

2.1 Non-deposit bonuses

Non-deposit bonuses are divided into 2 types:
  • Welcome non-deposit bonus
  • Other non-deposit bonuses

2.1.1 Welcome non-deposit bonus

The welcome non-deposit bonus is a special format of bonus that does not require a deposit to be received. This bonus is credited in the currency of a player's account and only if the following criteria are met:
  • The player has been registered and authorized in the online casino
  • The player has not previously activated this bonus or any other bonus
  • The player has not made any deposits
  • The player did not get any cashbacks
  • The player has not created any withdrawal requests and has not received any withdrawals
  • The player has a validated mobile phone number
  • 1 IP address - 1 bonus, i.e. only one welcome non-deposit bonus can be activated per unique IP address
  • Other criteria relating to currency, language, country or domain of the online casino
The welcome non-deposit bonus can be activated when registering, by entering the promotional code, by using the support service or automatically through the bonuses section, bonus page or activation via the interactive system of the online casino website.
To get the bonus it is necessary to register and pass the authorization process.
After the activation of the welcome non-deposit bonus, a player cannot create any withdrawal requests until the bonus is wagered by 100% or the account balance becomes zero or near zero. If a player makes a deposit when the bonus is not 100% wagered, all funds on the balance will be reset to zero and the newly made deposit will remain on the balance. If at the time of making a deposit, the bonus was wagered by 100%, a player will receive 10% of the amount won on the non-deposit bonus to the actual balance and will be able to withdraw these funds after making one or more deposits with the amount equal to or greater than 10% of the money won, i.e. the amount that was accrued to a player's actual balance after the deposit.
Until a player makes a deposit, he cannot withdraw his winnings from the Welcome Deposit Bonus.

2.1.2 Other non-deposit bonuses

Non-deposit bonuses of this type still do not require a deposit to be made, but may require some other action. Also, the wagering requirements must be completed, and only hereafter a withdrawal request can be created.
The following non-deposit bonuses are available at the moment:
  • Birthday bonus
  • Casino Authorization Bonus for 7 consecutive days
  • Casino Review Bonus
  • Verification Bonus
  • Bonus for completing all profile information

2.2 Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses can be activated after one or more deposits have been made. The bonus means that real money is credited to a player's balance. The deposit bonus must be won back according to wager bonus. The deposit bonus may be limited in maximum accrual (in case the bonus is accrued as a certain percentage of the deposit). After wagering the bonus by 100%, it is possible to create a request for withdrawal of funds from a player's game balance. As long as a player has an active (unwagered) bonus, a withdrawal request cannot be created. The bonus can be activated via support service, by using a promotional code or via the bonus section or the bonus page from the bonus section.
The following deposit bonuses are available at the moment:
  • Doubling of the 1st deposit
  • Bonus on 2nd deposit
  • Bonus on 3rd deposit
  • Doubling of deposit on Friday
  • Bonus for every 10th deposit
  • Bonus for every 100th deposit
  • Bonus for a deposit over a certain amount
  • Bonus for a deposit via specific payment method

Terms of receiving and using bonuses

Each of these bonuses cannot be withdrawn (withdrawal request cannot be created) until it is wagered. To win back the bonus, the bets must be placed in the games of the online casino with the amount equal to or greater than the wager of the bonus multiplied by the value (number) of the bonus itself.

When making a withdrawal from the non-deposit bonus, a player's remaining balance can be reset (after the withdrawal has been made) regardless of the withdrawal amount.

Bonus winnings may be forfeited in the following cases:
  • The player has violated any rule of the site.
  • The player has used some kind of scheme that allows to launder/withdraw/wager the bonus.
  • The Player has insulted or threatened the Support Service or any of the casino staff.
  • The Player has played on the site from banned countries ( USA, China, Great Britain , Ukraine, Belarus, European Union countries).
  • The player has played games where you can't wager a bonus
  • The player has an IP address from which this bonus has already been received
  • The Player has duplicate accounts by IP addresses or payment details or other data for which duplicate accounts can be established.
The bonus can be waived by contacting Support Service. If a game is played and the bonus is active, the money will be deducted first from the game account.
Additional rules:
  • If the bonus is not won back within 7 calendar days, it may be automatically cancelled and the balance reset to zero (or the bonus amount may be deducted).
  • if a player does not accept the bonus within 30 calendar days, it may be reset.

2. Cashback

Cashback - is a refund operation on a player's balance in the currency of a player's game account. Кешбек differs from the bonus in that it does not need to be wagered and can be withdrawn immediately after receiving it by creating a withdrawal request. Also, it can be received on your card, bank account or other financial instrument.
There are 3 types of cashback at the moment:
  • 1) Cashback in the form of 10% of the last deposit (it can have limits on the amount, can be activated both automatically and by the administration)
  • 2) Cashback in the form of 30% of the lost money in the last 2 weeks (it has limits on the amount, can only be charged by the administration)
  • 3) Cashback for refund of the first deposit (it can be received only once per game account)
The description can be viewed, read, so as cashback can be selected and activated on cashback page

3. Promocodes

Promocodes are words that consist only of Latin letters and numbers, do not contain spaces or any other special characters and are in uppercase. The promocode can be used at or after registration in a player's personal profile. When you use a promocode, it means the activation of it. To activate the promocode, you need to enter it in a special section in your personal profile or enter it during registration. Also, the Support Service can activate any promocode on its own or as a help to a player.

At the moment, promocodes allow you to get the following:
  • activate bonus;
  • get cashback;
  • to receive an accrual to the game account;
  • open a hidden game;
  • activate VIP status;
  • activate some other elements of the casino functionality.
As a rule, a promocode or activation can be received in the following ways:
  • in the support service;
  • by SMS newsletter;
  • by e-mail newsletter;
  • by online advertising;
  • by finding a "stash"/ "hidden promocode" at the website;
  • by finding it by yourself.
Promocode, in fact, is just a "tool" to activate a bonus, cashback, accrual from the administration or other non-financial functionality. Therefore, promocodes do not have any rules or special policies, the rules are "shifted" towards what the promocode activates.

An example of promo code: RETURN1 - allows you to activate a cashback to refund your first deposit, WELCOME - allows you to activate the Welcome Bonus (note: activation of the bonus or cashback via promocode is not guaranteed, please read the description and rules of receiving/activating the corresponding promocode or cashback).

4. Accruals from casino administration

Accruals from casino administration are applied in special cases, such as technical failures that caused moral or financial damage to a player. Often, financial damage due to a technical failure is restored, although an accrual from the administration may be offered as moral compensation.
An accrual is made in the currency of a player's account. Often, this type of accrual can be withdrawn by a player from the system by creating a withdrawal request.